Frequently Asked Questions

How much sunlight is needed ?
To get the most out of the Solar Shower it must be exposed to direct sun and sheltered from the wind. Depending on the location, the water is warm after approximately 2 hours in the afternoon sun.

How much warm water is produced ?
Different models have differing capacities; 20L, 35L or 40 Liters.
This can be mixed with cool water flowing in continuously from the garden hose pipe.

How warm does the water get ?
The stored water inside the Solar Shower can reach up to 50 °C.
You can of course select a more desirable showering temperature using the hot/cold mixer handle.

Where is the solar panel ?
The entire body of the unit is made from a special heat absorbing material, plus additional copper internal parts to retain this heat. No solar panels means we are also able to keep prices affordable !

Can I install it myself ?
Yes the product is designed for an easy home DIY, all you need is a standard garden hose pipe connection.

Where and how do I install it ?
Solar Showers come with an easy to follow User Manual. We suggest you choose the most sunny spot with a secure ground. The Solar Shower comes with a foot plate and bolts which is used to anchor the unit.

I prefer not to install it myself, what now ?
No problem, we can send one of our expert Solar Shower installation teams to your door for a small fee.

What are the running costs ?
Nothing as the Solar Shower uses no electricity.

Product warranty ?
We provide a standard 1 year warranty, please don’t drill into or subject the Solar Shower to any impact.

I have bought a Solar Shower and need some additional help ?
​Please contact us, we would be glad to assist in any way.

I can’t find an answer to my unique question ?
Please contact us, we would be glad to assist in any way.